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Our Services

We see appointments everyday Monday through Saturday. During these appointments we see everything from routine vaccinations to emergency visits. We make sure every pet owner knows what their pet needs to stay happy and healthy. 

Surgery and dentistry are done everyday Monday through Friday. We have state of the art monitoring equipment to make sure each procedure goes smoothly. 

Wellness Exams

Routine wellness exams allows our doctors to make sure your pet is in good physical shape, up to date on important vaccines and, address any concerns you may have about your furry friend.


Whether your pet needs to be spayed or neutered or they ate something they shouldn't have; you can rest assured that we will take care of your pet as we would ours.


We clean pets teeth with an ultrasonic scaler and polish them up until they shine. Your pet will have a healthier mouth and you will be thankful for the fresher breath.

In-House Diagnostics and Imaging

We offer in-clinic testing for fecal, urine and ear samples, heartworm antigen tests and other bloodwork. By running these tests in-house we can get you and your pet same day results. We have digital radiography, which provides us instant images of your pet.

Animal Emergency Hospital

In the case of an emergency, we recommend Animal Emergency Hospital. They are a 24-hour care facility. Animal Emergency Hospital has two locations located in Plainfield and in Byron Center.

In case of emergency, contact them at:

Tel: 616-361-9911 Plainfield 

       616-537-1402 Byron Center


3260 Plainfield Ave NE 

Grand Rapids, MI 49525


6820 Edgeview Ave SW 

Byron Center, MI 49315


Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners
List of our comprehensive Services
  • Wellness examinations

  • Emergency examinations (schedule permitting)

  • Mass removal surgery

  • Treatment and prevention of parasites

  • In-house blood and laboratory testing

  • Referral laboratory testing

  • Microchipping

  • Digital radiology (including OFA imaging)

  • Health certificates for inter-state and international 

In any case your pet needs emergency or 24-hour care, we recommend Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners. We also refer many of our patients to be seen by a specialist veterinarian. There your pet will receive the best  care with their specific issue.

In case of emergency, contact them at:

Tel: 616-284-5300


1425 Michigan St NE, Suite F

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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